Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coca-Cola Competitive Advantage

Coca-Cola has many competitive advantages. Two of their most valuable capabilities is there Management expertise, and Market leadership.  The Coca-Cola Company provides the company with managerial experience through many management training programs to help develop executives capabilities, knowledge and experience. Coca-Cola’s market leadership is something that is rare in their industry. Sure Pepsi has a pretty good name but everyone knows “Coke.” There brand is known everywhere which is a major advantage. The Coca-Cola brand is very hard and costly to imitate. Coke constantly tailors the way to market to be able to serve certain clients better. From modern supermarkets to mom and pa retail stores. Coca-Cola has the old throw back bottles that everyone knows and loves but also can deliver their product in a new exiting way too.  I think that Coca-Cola has a very sustainable competitive advantage. The Coca-Cola trademark itself would be next to impossible to top. 

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